Meeting Minutes: OpenSDS China Community Biweekly Meeting

  1. Open: No.
  2. Click2Cloud cloud cost comparison model introduction (Click2Cloud, Chen Jing)
Click2Cloud solution is close source, has its IP on billing. It supports Cloud migration across multiple clouds.
on the storage side, it uses OpenSDS for management.
The solution supports aws, Alibaba, Huawei, azure, etc.
We will talk more details after the meeting, a demo might be shown next time.
  1. YIG and OpenSDS MultiCloud integration plan (Shufang & Li Xia)
No ready yet. Right now on business travel.
  1. Ding Jia Company presented their disaster recovery. The slides will be shared in the wechat group.
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To: Wang, Shane; 'Steven Tan'; Chenjing (Jim, SDS Controller); Xia Li(联通集团研发部私有云团队); 刘硕然; OpenSDS-China-Community@...; Shuquan Huang
Cc: Ren, Qiaowei; Zhu, Vivian; Liu, Wenjie; Yang, Shixin; zhongx15@...; Yin, Congmin
Subject: OpenSDS China Community Biweekly Meeting
When: Tuesday, July 16, 2019 3:30 PM-4:30 PM Asia/Shanghai.
Having hard conflict, need to push out by half an hour.
Add OpenSDS China Community Mailing List, Remove non-Chinese speaker, since we’re using Chinese for the meeting in the future
Welcome people in China to join OpenSDS China Community Session.
We also welcome anyone who are interested in the meetings to join our meetings.
I will post it to Wechat soon.
Shane Wang邀请您参加预先安排的Zoom会议。
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+16699006833,,751476273# 美国 (圣何塞)
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