Hi all,


We are only 10 days away from 2nd  Japan MeetUp but so far the total registered user number is only 21, much less than the last one when we had almost 100 people registered and came.  One of the possible reasons for less registration is that there is a cloud native day event happening in Fukuoka on 4/16. We could have more people registered if that event does not exist.


If we have much less attendees than the first one, then it won’t look good for our community. We need your help. We are asking all Japan community members to help to bring more attendees to the MeetUp. Please spread the words on social media,  invite your colleagues, partners, customers, vendors or whoever you know from the related industry to the MeetUp.


We will  have plenty food and drink for the party afterwards,  so please be creative and bring as many people as you can.


Thank you.  宜しくお願いします!




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