Re: Japan OpenSDS Leadership Meeting 4/15 14:00 @Yahoo Japan

Steven Tan


We have almost 60 participants as of today, thank you all for helping to push this.

Here’s the draft agenda for the Leadership meeting. Is there anything else we should discuss at the meeting?

1. Updates and Project rebranding - 10mins
2. Round table updates 5mins each (requirements, solutions and other things you would like to share)
- Yahoo Japan
- Toyota
- NTT Comms
- GMO Pepebo
- Sakura Internet
- Fujitsu
- Huawei
3. Capri Release and Test Plans Discussion - 30mins
4. Sub-Projects and OpenSDS Ready Plans Discussions 30mins
5. OpenSDS Mini Summit Tokyo Planning -15mins
6. Wrapup


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Subject: RE: Japan OpenSDS Leadership Meeting 4/15 14:00 @Yahoo Japan
Time: 2019-04-09 15:04:24

Hi all,


You should have received the meeting invitation already. Just accept if you can come.


BTW, LF Japan is promoting  OpenSDS MeetUp today on their FB page. Please share it on FB to spread the words.  We need more participants!







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Subject: Japan OpenSDS Leadership Meeting 4/15 14:00 @Yahoo Japan


Hi all,


We are inviting all Japan OpenSDS community leaders for a meeting at 14:00 on April 15th in Yahoo Japan. It will be prior to the 2nd MeetUp and in the same room as well. Similar to what we have done last December, we’d like to take the opportunity of MeetUp to meet, update, discuss plan for 2019.


Sorry for the late notice but hopefully you can make it. Please do let me know if you can make it so we can have a clear count.



Thank you!



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