OpenSDS Technical Meeting Minutes - June 13, 2019

Xing Yang

Thank you for attending today's technical meeting.  Here are the meeting minutes:


  • Capri RC2 is cut.

  • Development status

    • NVMeoF - There are problems testing RDMA in container environment so it is not ready yet. Submitted PR to support TCP/IP and will use that for demo.

    • Fujitsu driver - Review is complete. Will submit the driver on 6/27.

    • Thin OpenSDS - not ready to be merged in Capri. Consider whether we should make it an experimental feature in a different branch.

    • Object lifecycle:

      • Restore object API and HEAD API PRs are review in progress.  

      • Design doc needs an update on GCP and IBM object store

        • Need feedback from IBM engineer on whether migration between storage tiers in the same cloud is supported on IBM cloud.

        • GCP upload limitation: 1GB

        • GCP only support Standard Storage Class

    • Helm install with Ceph PR still not merged.

    • Orchestration & automation: installation is WIP.

    • CSI: Fileshare CSI support PR submitted.

    • Fileshare code complete.  End-to-end test WIP. Manila driver merged.

    • Telemetry

      • Volume level metrics for Ceph PR merged (only capacity)

      • Dashboard and installer integration is WIP

      • Naju will put together a doc on how to test Telemetry using LVM.

    • Anomaly detection

      • Need to implement Generate alert.

      • Other planned features are merged.

  • Demo preparation for KubeCon Shanghai

  • Design reviews

    • [Click2Cloud] Did a high level overview of replication for Ceph design.

      • Action Item: Review replication driver interfaces and see whether they can be implemented for Ceph.

  • Capri planning


On Wed, Jun 12, 2019 at 11:27 PM Xing Yang <xingyang105@...> wrote:
Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that we will have the OpenSDS Technical meeting tomorrow.

Time: June 13, 2019 Thursday 6:00pm-7:00pm PT or 9:00pm-10:00pm ET (or June 14, 2019 Friday 1:00am-2:00am UTC)

Zoom Link:

Meeting agenda is here:

Please add any item you want to discuss in the agenda doc.


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